Brain Dump #3 - March Madness, Menus, and a Snow Day

Brain Dump #3 - March Madness, Menus, and a Snow Day
Photo by Jacob Rice / Unsplash

Sunday, March 24th, 2024

  • I looked back over the past week and compiled my weekly review.
  • The STRONG Teacher Toolkit Notion page is coming along. I added a few of my recent resource posts for subscribers.
  • I finally completed the 2-5-8 Forces and Motion learning menu. Magic School AI helped me make the rubric in a fraction of the time. I wonder how this tool will evolve during my teaching career.
  • I wished for a snow day, and my wish was granted. I'm up late watching March Madness while typing this up.
  • I completed 45 minutes of cycling on the trainer. It was a pretty active weekend with rucking, cycling, and walking.
  • My Planbook has been updated for this coming week, which will now only be three days.
  • I hope to record a podcast version of the newsletter and a post or two from my site tomorrow.