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Always love when your email hits my inbox, Jeremy! Such a variety of thought nuggets!
  • Kim (Stem advocate, retired education)

"I look forward to your newsletter for my education, validation, and inspiration. It's my weekly fuel! Thank you!"

- Joan ( middle school educator)

"As a retired teacher, I find such hope and value in the T.G.I.F. newsletter. Jeremy's wide array of topics tackle the many plates that teachers are expected to juggle in a society that increasingly is adding more plates. I love that self-care is a focus - put your own oxygen mask on first! - and the articles and subject matter do exactly what we want for our students, to be pushed just a little bit out of our comfort zone. If you're in it for the long haul, treat yourself each week to this very real, very big picture and very relevant communication - it will bolster your faith in American education and your fellow in-the-trenchers."

- Laura (retired middle school teacher)

"Every Friday morning when I check my email, I get a jolt of excitement seeing Why Edify in my inbox because I know that the newsletter will inspire me, give me something to ponder, and make me smile."

- Erin (7th Grade English Language Arts Teacher)

Thank you for taking the time each week to share your unique insights, sharing the knowledge that has been so hard won over your decades of teaching the children of the Northwoods. I look forward to the newsletter every Friday morning.

- Perry (Math Teacher)

"I love the TGIF weekly newsletter. Jeremy separates it into categories to make it easy for us to find what we most need that week. He has articles to support his findings and for further information. It's short, sweet, to the point! I highly recommend it!"

- Lauri (7th & 8th gr. Coding & Computer Literacy teacher)

I have learned so much from the Why Edify TGIF Newsletter. The articles are relevant and keep me up to date on so many topics. A must-read for anyone who cares about education.

- Sherri (Physical Educator)