Brain Dump #7 - Cheddarwursts and Guest Teachers

Brain Dump #7 - Cheddarwursts and Guest Teachers
Photo by Vincent Keiman / Unsplash

Saturday, April 13th, 2024

  • The sun was shining, and it felt great to get outside and blow all the leaves and debris off my lawn.
  • We had our first grill out of the season. I have a classic (old-school) Weber grill. Tonight’s meal wasn’t fancy; we all hankered for Cheddarwursts.
  • I fell into an hour-long nap, and it was awesome.
  • My daughter went to the prom tonight. She looked beautiful. Every day, I’m grateful for my wife and kids. It’s all moving too fast.


  • I’m looking forward to my first Ruck and Ride of the season.
  • I need to prepare for a guest teacher on Monday. We meet with high school staff to discuss our 8th graders and how they can best transition to the high school.
  • My lunchtime meal prep has been pretty poor lately. Tomorrow, I am going to up my game.

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