Brain Dump #1 - Chaos, Naps, and a Ruck Pack

Brain Dump #1 - Chaos, Naps, and a Ruck Pack
Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

  • I set up an IXL class for my intervention group and printed reports to guide their practice. IXL is becoming a pretty powerful tool, but I worry that it might be overused.
  • I requested a J-Touch screen for my classroom.
  • I'm grateful to our IT guy who took extra time to wire Bluetooth speakers for the middle school hallway. Now we get to think up fun ways to use them.
  • Asked my students a few questions about yesterdays lesson as a DO NOW prompt. Only a few were able to answer correctly. I'll keep looking for ways ways to make things "stick".
  • Getting ready to schedule student-led conferences.
  • Today's lab sessions were more chaotic than usual. Many students would rather ask for help right away than take a moment to read the directions. There is engagement, but also popping balloons and high management needs.
  • I took an unintended nap after school and am pretty proud that I still managed a 30-minute exercise session—bike and weights.
  • Put together tomorrow's STRONG Teacher Newsletter focusing on resiliency. I also put together a little video preview.
  • I'm looking forward to Community Crew tomorrow.
  • My Ruck Pack should arrive tomorrow. It's part of my mid-life crisis, I mean mid-life evolution.