Forces and Motion: Model Rocket Challenge and Newton's Laws Investigation

Use model rockets to help your students learn about Forces and Motion. It's a great STEM activity to add to your tool kit.

Here's an overview of a Model Rocket Challenge I use with my 8th graders while studying Forces and Motion. We also use this investigation to review what we learned while studying energy.

The video below summarizes the steps that students work through. I use Google Classroom to lead them through the steps and most of their rough draft work is completed in science notebooks. You'll also find slides from the video below and links to some of the materials.

When the sun starts shining we all want to get outside. Working with model rockets is an engaging way to end the school year. I hope you find the information below useful.

Rocket Challenge Wakelet -

Estes Model Rockets -

A8-3 Model Rocket Engines -

Basic Alitmeter -

Digital Altimeter -

Model Tool Kit -

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