Gassy World, Google Classroom and Support

Another teacher win. Here are some good things from my work in the classroom today. What's your teacher win?

Gassy World, Google Classroom and Support
Photo by Al Soot / Unsplash

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Here are my teacher wins today...

  • My core 1 science class really did a nice job getting started on the reasoning portion of their Gassy World lab report. Taking a little more time working on each section has paid off.
  • I am really glad I've started begin more organized in my Google Classroom use. Being able to look back into the archived units has really saved me time this year. All of the attachments are connected in one place and all I have to do is modify the directions as needed.
  • If you are a teacher you've probably been struggling with students not being able to turn their work in on time, or even at all in some cases. Our administration arranged for some guest teachers to supervise students that were all caught up for a fun afternoon, and we were able to work with students who need the extra help and time. Not every student is where they need to be with their work, but it felt good to make a dent. I feel like our faculty was listened to and some help was offered.

Thanks for reading. A Teacher Win is my attempt at building a habit of gratitude and focusing on the "good things" connected to my job as a teacher. There are challenges every and the work is never done. That can wear us educators down. I am going to record some wins, even if I need to force a few.

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