Goal Update: April 2022

Here's my goal progress for the month of April.

Goal Update: April 2022
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash

Hello friends.

Here are the results or lack thereof from April 2022.

Wellness / Happiness

  • Complete at least 720 minutes of exercise or higher per month.

Done. I clocked in at 979 minutes - 14 walks, 13 bike rides, 3 run/walks, and 3 runs.

4 full-body strength training sessions per month using Apple Fitness +

  • Done. I didn't use Fitness+. I squeezed in the strength work while spinning on my bike.

4 yoga sessions per month via Apple Fitness +

  • I'm still struggling with this one. I've incorporated a few poses into my daily routine. I guess it's a start.

Log at least 120 mindful minutes each month. This can be a combination of Apple Fitness + meditations, Journaling (DayOne), and the Calm app.

  • Most of my minutes have come from Holosync sessions which put me well over my goal, and then I've kept up with my journal entries most days of the week.

Move closer to a Mediterranean style of eating.

  • I have good days and bad days. I would say that this month has been better. I have continued my practice of cheating on Friday nights. I look forward to Friday night food the entire week.

Complete at least 30 journal entries per month using the Dayone app.

  • Between completing my "Homework for Life" and recording #TeacherWins this goal is met.

Education / Teaching Career

Record my #TeacherWins at least 4 out of five teaching days (80%)

  • I completed these seventeen days in April which puts me above 80% of possible teaching days.

Write and share at least two Teacher Pep Talks per month.

Read at least two education/teaching books this year and write a book summary blog post on each.

  • I'm not reading an education book at the moment.

Share at least four education resource posts per month

Add at least 12 new resources to my subscriber database.

  • I only added six new resources this month. I was excited that there were new subscribers. I'm still figuring out the best way to send them the link.

Personal Development

Read four personal development books per year and write a book summary blog post on each.

  • I finished reading the "Success Principles" and shared the book summary. Overall, I like the book and would recommend it.

Record "Homework for Life" at least five days per week.

  • I finished my homework 21 times. I just made the cut. My daughter is about the graduate from the 8th grade and some of my entries are starting to get a little sappy.

Write at least 12 blog posts sharing what I learned from watching a video or listening to a podcast (Yearly).

  • I found a few podcasts I like and have been browsing YouTube for new material. There have been some great finds that I've shared in the newsletter, but no official posts yet.

Family and Friends

Connect with my close family at least once per week.

  • Yes, with my dad. No, with my brother - only three times.

Connect with a friend at least once per week - lunch, phone, exercise, pub, etc.

  • I did not meet this goal, however, I did connect with an old college friend via Facetime. It was unexpected and much needed.

Dreams, Retirement, and Money Stuff

Learn about Twitter and be useful in that space. Follow five interesting people and grow my following by five people. This is the only goal I am not in complete control of. We'll see what happens.

  • Done. I'm letting go of the follower part of this goal. I've found some great resources and have a nice routine. At times it's challenging to stay away from negativity, but it's like that in the real world as well. Here is my profile page.

Take a picture of each house I paint and post it to Instagram and Twitter. Invest at least three hundred dollars of painting income (Summertime Painting Goal) into my Robinhood account.

  • It's almost summer. I'm ready.

Publish at least two newsletters per month

  • Done. I'm on a role and have managed to publish a newsletter every Friday in April. Here they are.

Create at least two YouTube videos per month - step out of your comfort zone

  • Out of all of my goals, this makes me the most uncomfortable. I did meet my goal. I also recognize there is a great opportunity for growth in this department. Here's my channel. Remember, it's a work in progress.

Learn more about cryptocurrency. Document my progress.

  • I learned that people weren't kidding when they said that cryptocurrency is a volatile investment. It's been all downhill in April.

Continue to learn more about investing in the stock market. Share what I learn in a blog post. Track and record dividends in the process.

  • I'm officially removing this goal. The investments are on autopilot.

Purchase a camper and take at least three family vacations.

  • I'm continuing to do my research and pricing. Things are pretty inflated right now. I know I want a lightweight trailer with a queen bed, along with two bunks for my kids.

Reflect on these goals and share once per month.

  • Done.

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