It's Better World Day 2022

It's Better World Day 2022
Photo by Dave Lowe / Unsplash

I teach at an EL Education School. Every year on May 6th all of the schools participate in Better World Day. Here's a snippet from the EL Education website.

Better World Day is an annual, national event showcasing student learning that contributes to a better world. Students present learning projects and engage in acts of service that demonstrate the power of EL Education’s vision for public school: a place where children become great scholars and active citizens with the capacity to make a positive impact.

8th Grade Impact

This morning we had an assembly where each grade level presented the community service projects they've completed throughout the year. Our 8th graders performed trail maintenance at Camp American Legion, created gifts for their second-grade buddies in the STEAM lab, composed letters to veterans for the Never Forgotten Honor Flight, and they also donated items to a local domestic abuse shelter.

Cultural Connection

It was a beautiful day in Northern Wisconsin. A guest speaker shared the Native American story that teaches how the first dream catchers came to be. We celebrated the connection between having big dreams and creating a better world. The entire school made dream catchers. Older students helped the younger ones. It was chaotic and heartwarming all at once.  

The final big event was an all-school Pow-Wow where Ojibwe drummers and dancers of all ages performed on our football field. The entire student body participated in the last dance. We usually have two Pow-Wows each year.


Today we focused on the design principles for our school. Especially the design principle of Service and Compassion - see below.

We are crew, not passengers. Students and teachers are strengthened by acts of consequential service to others, and one of an EL Education school’s primary functions is to prepare students with the attitudes and skills to learn from and be of service.

Just a couple of weeks ago we grappled with statewide testing. It felt great to focus on character and service to others. I'm grateful to work in a school that promotes character and habit development.

I think teachers have a better world in mind when they work with young people.

When people, young and old, pursue their personal greatness it's an act of community service.