Sacrifice or Investment

What is sacrifice? What sacrifices were made on your behalf?

Sacrifice or Investment
Photo by Hello I'm Nik / Unsplash

What is a sacrifice? I think it is giving up one thing you want for another thing you want more.  I took a couple of minutes to think about some sacrifices I've made in life according to the aforementioned definition.

  • I've sacrificed money and time while earning my Master's Degree.
  • I've sacrificed summer free time to earn money painting houses every summer that I've been teaching - 23 of them.
  • I've let go of rest in order to transport my kids to practices and social events.
  • I've donated my time and money to plan activities for my students.

As I was thinking of what I considered to be my sacrifices I started to think about all of the sacrifices that were made for me. What did my parents sacrifice to set me up for success in life? How many times did my friends stick up for me at their expense?  I'll never know how many times someone let something go because they believed it would be in my best interest. I'll also never know how many times someone made the tough call and held me accountable when it would have been easier not to.

I do know that sacrifice comes from a place of compassion and empathy. I am also wondering if the word "sacrifice" should be retired and replaced with the word "investment"?

Lastly, I am mindful and grateful that my sacrifices are what they are. I've been lucky in so many ways. When we support people and invest in them, maybe we can help limit the number of sacrifices that need to be made.

Every time we lift someone up, the world becomes a better place.