#TeacherWins - March 2022

#TeacherWins - March 2022
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This year I set a goal of developing a gratitude habit. The practice is to record #TeacherWins. Each day I pause for a moment and think of something that I am grateful for and record it as a #TeacherWin. I have a notebook set up in my DayOne Journal. At the end of the month, I hit the export button and get what you see below.

These last few years teaching has become challenging. I don't want to become one of those old crotchety teachers that have a complaint about everything. My goal is to finish my career as strongly as I started. I'm interested in the gratitude effects mentioned in the quote below. Here are my #TeacherWins for the month of March 2022.

How do you feel when a loved one gives you a gift? How about when someone ahead of you in line pays for your coffee? Hopefully you experience gratitude--a warm appreciation for what the other person did.
We say hopefully, because gratitude not only makes you feel good --it can have dramatic and lasting effects on your wellbeing.  Research indicates that gratitude can lower blood pressure, improve immune function, reduce cardiac inflammation, increase happiness, improve relationships, and decrease depression. - Practicing gratitude can have profound health benefits, USC experts say

#TeacherWin 3/1/2022

Students listened well and were able to use the Google Sites template for Forces and Motion and make it their own.

#TeacherWin 3/2/2022

Many of my students who made it a goal to improve their work habits also did well on their MAPs testing.

#TeacherWin 3/3/2022

I’m improving my ability to leave school thoughts and work-related stressors at school, not taking them home with me. There is still a way to go but the progress is noticeable.

#TeacherWin 3/04/2022

Friday duty is great with shining sun and good friends.

#TeacherWin 3/7/2022

One of my students likes to bring snacks to share with his homeroom classmates. It visibly brings him joy.

#TeacherWin 3/8 2022

Had a nice rollout of the Forces and Motion mind map assignment. Students seemed to understand the directions without much confusion.

#TeacherWin 3/9/2022

The Sphero Edu app finally worked on the student Chromebooks. Also, our Tech Guru delivered a nice new Chromebook to replace my old one.

#TeacherWin 3/10/2022

I appreciate that our school sets aside time each day to provide interventions for students that need them. It does create extra work, but it’s the right thing to do.

#TeacherWin 3/11/2022

War Horse and a mostly mellow school day. It's a great World War I movie.

#Wins 3/20/2022

  • Went for a 30-minute walk with Wally
  • Revisited my goals
  • Was productive with household chores in the morning
  • Spent some time planning for the upcoming week

#TeacherWin 3/21/2022

Had a great time playing the Gimkit variation Total Domination, I lost two rounds and won one.

#TeacherWin 3/22/2022

After grappling with getting the Spheros connected, they worked for all three core classes. It was a nice payoff when student engagement began to increase.

#TeacherWins 3/23/2022

Snow day today. Sometimes they hit at just the right time. It was nice to clear my mind during a slow day.

#TeacherWins 3/24/2022

  • Sphero tractor building was a hit.
  • I was able to check in a few science notebook assignments.
  • Community crew was “in person” for the first time in two years.

#TeacherWins 3/25/2022

It was a blast watching our 8th graders square dance with their 2nd-grade buddies.

#TeacherWins 3/28/2022

I was grateful to offer up a camp scholarship to 8th graders.

#TeacherWin 3/29/2022

A couple of my students made me a stand-up whiteboard for the hallway. It was a win-win project.

#TeacherWin 3/30/2022

No teacher won today - snow day!

#TeacherWin 3/31/2022

Everything is set up for a donut sale tomorrow. A local grocery store donated 4 dozen donuts. All of the proceeds help to cover the costs of our 8th-grade class trip.

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