Teaching Resource - The Gilded Age Jigsaw and Video

This video is an excellent way to culminate or kick off a study of the Gilded Age.

Teaching Resource - The Gilded Age Jigsaw and Video
Photo by Pierre Blaché / Unsplash

I'm in the middle of a Thirty-Day Challenge. This is 15/30.

Recently, my students participated in a jigsaw activity where they read different articles about the Gilded Age. The groups who read the same article prepared a presentation for their peers summarizing the main points of their article.

Today, we culminated our work by watching an episode of America: The Story of Us titled "Skyscrapers and Steel Forge the Modern City.”

The video is a little longer than I would usually show 8th graders, but this one held their attention. It's best for older students.

It provides an overview of the Gilded Age, a period of rapid economic growth, technological advancements, and extreme wealth inequality in the United States. It also discusses the struggles faced by the working class during that time, including poor working conditions and labor movements.

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