The Streak is Alive

Streaks can be a catalyst for growth.

The Streak is Alive
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This is my 22nd post in 22 days. The streak is still alive. My goal is 30.

I hadn't heard about Tom Scott until I recently followed a random link that led me to the video below. It's the final video of his ten-year streak, posting a weekly video.

I've been experimenting with streaks in the form of thirty-day challenges to stretch myself and learn new things.

Streaks can be a catalyst for growth. A sustainable streak is more achievable with some built-in flexibility and perspective. You have some wiggle room while keeping the streak alive.

Doing some of what you have decided to do is better than not doing anything at all.

If you want to leverage Thirty-Day Challenges for personal growth, Thirty-Day Challenges for the Mind, Body, Spirit, and School can help.

Thirty Day Challenges for the Mind, Body, Spirit and School
Thirty-Day Challenges are a powerful tool for personal growth and development. By committing to a small challenge for a short period of time, you will build new habits, break old ones, and learn more about yourself in the process.This tool provides the framework for using these challenges to become a better person, both personally and professionally.This version includes additional challenges for teachers and those working in education. If you’re not an educator this version will still work for you. The time spent challenging yourself to incorporate positive habit change will pay off, thirty days at a time.

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