Three Things: Conservation of Mass

Just a few things.

Three Things: Conservation of Mass
Photo by Terry Vlisidis / Unsplash


Ted Ed has some great videos. This video does a nice job explaining how the Law of Conservation of mass works. There were some nice examples at the beginning and then a connection with the Big Bang Theory at the end. This gave some of the 8th graders a Science headache.


Children are in unchartered territory when it comes to technology, especially cell phones. Adults need to slow down and research the impacts before allowing kids to adopt its usage.


Is my demeanor and attitude toward my students hindering their learning?

I know that when I am in a grumpy mood it has an effect on my teaching day just like it would at home. When I make a commitment to not take things personally and just do the best I can in each moment, a positive outcome is more likely.

Three Things is a record of thoughts, questions, inspiration, gratitude, and things that made my day better or made me better. Once written, I send them out into the world. Cue serendipity.