Three Things: Don't Blame the Shepherd

May your life be filled with "frission".

Three Things: Don't Blame the Shepherd
Photo by Ingo Stiller / Unsplash


If you wake up in the middle of the night. Keep your cool. Find something relaxing to do that doesn't involve a screen and wait for the sleepiness to kick in. Eventually, you'll fall back asleep. Stressing out will only keep you up longer.


When a song pierces your body and soul it's called "frission".  This is that moment when the music gives you "the chills".


What are three pieces of advice you would give your younger self?

  1. Your career is not who you are.
  2. Always make time to exercise.
  3. You can control your actions and reactions. That's about it. Spend time making sure both are serving you well.

Bonus: Don’t blame the shepherd.

Three Things is a record of thoughts, questions, inspiration, gratitude, and things that made my day better or made me better. Once written, I send them out into the world. Cue serendipity.