Three Things: No Losers Just Learners

It's not over unless you stop learning.

Three Things: No Losers Just Learners
Photo by Ben Hershey / Unsplash


The halftime score isn’t the final score.

This year during the Super Bowl the Eagles went into halftime with the lead. The Chiefs came back in the second half and won the game. Adjustments that were made at halftime ended up being the deciding factor.

It’s a great life skill to be able to figure out what’s not working and then be able to make the appropriate adjustments.

It’s not over unless you stop learning.


Writing is thinking in action. It’s hard for many kids and adults because it forces to them to slow down and think. Students would benefit from writing more than they currently do.


“There was no addition or subtraction in life that did not require some time for adjustment.” ― Laura Imai Messina, The Phone Booth at the Edge of the World

Three Things is a record of thoughts, questions, inspiration, gratitude, and things that made my day better or made me better. Once written, I send them out into the world. Cue serendipity.