I Slowed My Roll in the Classroom Today

Enjoy the benefits for students and teachers by slowing it all down.

I Slowed My Roll in the Classroom Today
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Sometimes during the day I find myself getting worked up, often for no reason I can put my finger on. I start to make a plan for how my day should go and start to feel a little frantic when the time is shrinking but the to do list is not.

During the school year I give in to some anxiety about not getting to the same place content wise as I did the year before. I start pushing. The pace picks up. Student and teacher stress loads start to increase...and then every once and awhile I choose to...

Slow Down.

Today I decided to take a deep breath and move at a slower pace. I took my time explaining directions. Students worked together in small groups. They asked questions. I provided examples. They practiced some more. No pushing was needed.

The thing is, we didn't get as far as I would have liked in the lesson, but the stress was low and understanding seemed high. It felt good.

If you are a teacher you know that there is always something else you could be doing. It seems as though the work is always ongoing. Today, if only for a little I give your permission to slow your roll...and breathe.

Here are a few resources that apply to the classroom.

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