Feedback vs. Grades

Grades should reflect where you are on your learning journey.

Feedback vs. Grades
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Here is a nice resource that sheds light on the feedback vs. grades discussion. The article is titled Grades Versus Comments: What Does the Research Really Tell Us? Here is my favorite quote from the article along with a few takeaways.

“The critical implication of the study is this: Before making sweeping recommendations like No grades; comments only! we must always consider both the nature of the grades and the nature of the comments.”

I noted the following regarding grades vs. feedback:

  • Not good or bad
  • Can provide useful feedback
  • Grades reflect where you are in your learning journey. Just a snapshot
  • Only works when paired with comments ….growth and improvement
  • Encourage reflection

It seems grades and feedback both have their positives and seem to work well when used effectively together. The important thing is to help students understand that nothing is final and that new skills can be learned and improved upon.

Here are a few more grading and feedback resources to explore.

  1. Grading and Feedback (Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning)
  2. Tips for Grading and Giving Students Feedback
  3. A Perfect World Is One With No Grades
  4. Grades versus Comments: Research on Student Feedback
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