Official Resolution Declaration Beginning March 2022

Setting year long goals and reporting out each month.

Official Resolution Declaration Beginning March 2022
Photo by Kyle Glenn / Unsplash

These are my yearly goals. It's a little late to call them New Year's Resolutions. Hopefully, this will lead to consistent reflection and personal growth. Thank you Matthew Dicks for the idea. Here they are.

Wellness / Happiness

Complete at least 720 minutes of exercise at my Zone 2 heart rate or higher per month. Most of the minutes should be in Zone 2.

120 push-ups per month

4 full-body strength training sessions per month using Apple Fitness +

4 yoga sessions per month via Apple Fitness +

Log at least 120 mindful minutes each month. This can be a combination of Apple Fitness + meditations, Journaling (DayOne), and the Calm app.

Move closer to a Mediterranean style of eating.

Complete at least 30 journal entries per month using the Dayone app.

Education / Teaching Career

Record my #TeacherWins at least 4 out of five teaching days (80%)

Write and share at least two Teacher Pep Talks per month.

Read at least two education/teaching books this year and write a book summary blog post on each.

Share at least four education resource posts per month

Add at least 12 new resources to my subscriber database.

Personal Development

Read four personal development books per year and write a book summary blog post on each.

Record "Homework for Life" at least five days per week.

Write at least 12 blog posts sharing what I learned from watching a video or listening to a podcast.

Family and Friends

Connect with my close family at least once per week.

Connect with a friend at least once per week - lunch, phone, exercise, pub, etc.

Dreams, Retirement, and Money Stuff

Learn about Twitter and be useful in that space. Follow five interesting people and grow my following by five people. This is the only goal I am not in complete control of. We'll see what happens.

Take a picture of each house I paint and post it to Instagram and Twitter. Invest at least three hundred dollars of painting income (Summertime Painting Goal) into my Robinhood account.

Publish at least two newsletters per month

Create at least two YouTube videos per month - step out of Comfort Zone

Learn more about cryptocurrency. Document my progress.

Continue to learn more about investing in the stock market. Share what I learn in a blog post. Track and record dividends in the process.

Purchase a camper and take at least three family vacations.

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