Science of the Winter Olympics

Science of the Winter Olympics
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I am a big fan of the “Do Now”. Some teachers call it a warm up, and I am sure there are other names used as well. During my first year teaching I was struggling with my classroom management and my mentor recommended that I start with a daily warm up at the beginning of each class. This practice has really helped set the tone for students and helped with overall classroom management.

You can find this strategy along with many others in Teach Like a Champion* by Doug Lemov*. I highly recommend it. Here is also another resource with tips on how to incorporate a DO NOW into your students’ routine.

The DO NOW today was to connect what we’ve learned in science to a Winter Olympic sport. They were asked to make five connections and then they each shared one.

I’ve collected their responses many ways over the years. There are ways to use technology to do this, but I’ve found using paper is the most versatile and efficient.

Here are some of the resources I shared with the students today. I hope you find them helpful.

Winter Olympics Science Resources

  1. Science Friday Winter Olympics
  2. Science at the 2018 Winter Olympics
  3. The Physics of Bobsledding
  4. The Science of Luge
  5. Science of Cross Country Skiing

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