Twitter Chat Noob and Homework for Life

Twitter Chat Noob and Homework for Life
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Hello Friends. Here are some things I thought were worth sharing this week.

Tales of an Education Twitter Chat NOOB

  • This week I participated in my first Twitter Edu Chat. Usually, I am just a lurker. It was about effective professional development. I found it worthwhile and recommend trying it out.

How teachers enter the profession affects how long they stay on the job

  • Teacher shortages are on the horizon. Of all new teachers, only 61.8% will be teaching in 5 years.
  • I wonder if I would have stayed for more than five years if I just started teaching a few years ago?

Teacher Wellness

Here's to feeling better in the classroom and beyond.

When it comes to steps per day, is 10,000 still the magic number?

  • If you are a teacher chances are you rack up many steps during the day. Most people think that 10,000 is the magic number. It turns out that it’s closer to 7,000 steps per day.

If you teach long enough you are bound to encounter some conflict. Here is some good advice on how not to take things personally.

How Not To Take Things Personally

My Favorite Things This Week

  • Playing Grudge Ball with my science classes to review for an upcoming test. Learn how to play here.
  • We received a dumping of snow this past week. Whoever invented the snowblower should know I'm a big fan.
  • I’ve been enjoying a new book called “Storyworthy”* by Matthew Dicks. It’s even motivated me to start completing Homework for Life.

The Quote of the Week is by Matthew Dicks

“All of this happens because I sit down every evening and ask myself: What is my story from today? What is the thing about today that has made it different from any previous day? Then I write my answer down.”

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