Vacation and Anger

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Hello Friends. Here are some things I thought were worth sharing this week. I hope you had a great weekend. I'm eeking into Monday on fumes, but it is a good kind of tired 🥱. We just drove back from Bentonville, Arkansas yesterday (12.5 hours in the saddle).

Education and Learning

  • This week was our Spring Break so all school work was left behind. Our family went to Bentonville, Arkansas mountain biking. You can see the loaded van in the picture above. We packed up at a frosty temperature of 9 degrees below zero. The lesson learned (re-learned) this week is that a rest/work balance is important. I didn't know how much my mind needed a break until I took one.
  • Here are some teaching resources to help students make sense of war. I think most students are at least a little concerned about the war in Ukraine. I've often thought that learning about something can make it a little less scary.
  • Digital Wellness resources for students and teachers - learn about the CRAAP test and how to help students navigate challenges specific to the digital age. Adults will appreciate what's in this article as well.

Personal Development

  • I started using Readwise. If you do a majority of your reading using a Kindle, Apple Books, or Libby it's worth checking out. Readwise compiles all of your notes and highlights and sends you snippets in a daily email. The spaced repetition helps you internalize and revisit what you thought was important. I can't think of how many times I highlighted something I thought was awesome while reading, never to look at it again. If you use this link here, you can learn more about Readwise, you'll get a free month and so will I 😉.

Why Edify Posts

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My Favorite Things This Week

  • Mountain biking with my family - A shared family adventure with a challenge, uphills, and fun downhills.
  • This BonDri* was recommended to me by a friend. It helps to dry out your hydration pack. It worked great.
  • Home - There is nothing like a vacation to help you appreciate your home. Last night I sat in my chair and watched a great March Madness game (Gonzaga and Memphis). I looked around my house and felt grateful.

My Favorite Quote

To get our passion and purpose we must be willing to shine the light of awareness on the shadow parts of ourselves. If we cannot admit it when we are angry, the anger will leak out in ways beyond our control and we will remain stuck in the anger. By acknowledging anger we are able make conscious choices about how and when we express that anger. Just as we have seen that we can transcend fear, we can transcend anger. All of our "negative" emotions are part of our humanity. If we can forgive ourselves for our humanity, we can forgive others for theirs." - Enjoy Every Sandwich by Lee Lipsenthal*

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