Writing to Learn and Blogging Resources for Teachers and Students

Explore the learning benefits from increased writing and student blogging.

Writing to Learn and Blogging Resources for Teachers and Students
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I think my science and social studies students need to write more. Most of our writing lately has been in the form of a lab report or essay questions on a test. My students do have Wakelet accounts where they keep a portfolio of their work and reflections. I’m talking about “writing to learn” in their classes. Not the writing at the end of learning. The kind of writing that makes learning stick. There are times when I don't ask students to write simply because I am afraid of the time it will to grade their work.

“Research already shows there are several advantages to ‘Writing-to-Learn’ (WTL) including improved scientific reasoning and promoted metacognition. As Shultz suggests “Writing to learn is important, not just in science but in all subjects.” - Dr. Ginger Shultz

Today was a beginning…We just kicked off a unit on Forces and Motion. I created a Google Sites template (that they made their own) where they will document their work and capture their thoughts in writing. It’s a start. Below you’ll find some of the resources I’ve been using. Hopefully you'll find some of them useful too!

Writing to Learn Resources

Student Blogging Resources

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