You’re Awesome - Thank You For Your Support

Since the inception of the TGIF Teacher Newsletter, our community has grown, attracting 445 incredible members like yourself.

You’re Awesome - Thank You For Your Support

First off, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for being a valued member of our community. Your dedication to education and your continuous support means the world to me.

Since the inception of the TGIF Teacher Newsletter, our community has grown, attracting 445 incredible members like yourself. I've now published 91 newsletters in a row. Shout out to my wife and mom, the first two subscribers 🥰!

I have three goals for the weekly newsletter.

  1. Empowering Teachers: I strive to create a newsletter that is not only useful and informative but also serves as a source of inspiration for teachers like you. By supporting this newsletter, you help me continue to curate valuable content that enriches your professional journey.
  2. Sustainability: Maintaining this newsletter platform comes with a cost. I currently invest nine dollars per month, plus an additional twelve dollars per year for the domain. However, as our community grows, so does our potential. When we reach 500 subscribers, the cost increases to $25 per month. Your support ensures the longevity and sustainability of the TGIF Teacher newsletter.
  3. Expanding Our Reach: Education is a shared responsibility, and I believe in the power of collaboration. By supporting the TGIF Teacher Newsletter, you contribute to our mission of reaching as many educators as possible.

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Your support makes a difference.

Thank you for considering supporting the TGIF Teacher Newsletter.

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