Authentic Positivity

Authentic Positivity
Photo by Ian Taylor / Unsplash

While toxic positivity isn't helpful, I hope our society doesn't become jaded. Positivity is essential and powerful.

I just returned from a Michael Franti concert. His music, attitude, affect, and words were contagious.

Teaching these last few years has been extra challenging.  I attempted to repel toxic positivity as much as possible. Even when things seemed really bad, I didn't want to give up hope. That's what I liked about the concert. Troubles were shared. Disagreements were named. Imperfection was noted.

These things all rested under the umbrella of hope and possibility. The idea that people are different, people are connected, and individuals can make a positive difference...even when parts of them are broken.

Tonight we are going to watch the documentary - Stay Human. My wife and I are trying to keep the positive vibes flowing. It's important to acknowledge the bad "@#$#" that happens as long as we remember we have the choice of what we do next.

Here's one of my favorite songs from the concert.

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