Why Edify Gadgets, Gifts, and Recommendations

Here's a list of stuff that I think is pretty cool and that you might like too. (If you buy through these links I get a commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting Why Edify)

Pilot Precise V5 Rolling Ball Pen - This is my favorite pen hands down.

Apple iPad - This is my organizational and creativity machine. I read most of my books on the Kindle app. I use Notability as my notebook and lesson planner.

Soundcore Life Q30 Noise Cancelling Headphones - I bought these based on ratings. For the price, the noise-canceling is good. When I'm ready to upgrade, these headphones are on the top of my list.

Fabulous. Born at Duke University, Fabulous uses behavioral science to help people make smart changes and build healthy habits. It's helped me build a solid morning routine. Build self-discipline and create positive structures in your daily life. After answering a series of questions Fabulous will build a plan just for you.

Canva - If I'm looking to design a creative graphic, Canva is my go-to. It has a slick interface with many templates to choose from.

SleepPhones - Block out external noise and stream your music and soundscapes while you sleep.

Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone - I purchased this microphone to record podcasts with my students. It's a good value. I even recorded a personal podcast. I might even share it someday.

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