Fabulous Habits and Water

Trying to build new habits using the Fabulous app. Here's my take after the first couple of days.

Fabulous Habits and Water
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We first make our habits, and then our habits make us. - John Dryden
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Fabulous Habits and Water

I just started the Fabulous journey. Here's what Fabulous is all about. The excerpt below is from Heathline.com.

Fabulous is a daily self-care app available for Android and iPhone users under the health and fitness category. In 2018, the app was named one of the best apps under Self-Care in the Apple Store and was a Best App Finalist in the Google Play Awards.
The app helps you build routines over time by breaking habits down into small, attainable steps and “journeys.” The initial journey revolves around creating a healthy morning routine to set yourself up for a successful day.
For example, during the first 3 days, your only goal will be to drink a glass of water right when you wake up. The app will send you a notification each morning at the time you specify.

I am currently on the second day of forming my water morning habit. Tomorrow I should hit my day three goal.

Fabulous comes from researchers at Duke University and is backed by scientific research. It seems the approach stems from building tiny habits until they begin to snowball into something more profound and long-term.

I'm still learning the ins and outs of the app. It certainly has an element of gamification and storytelling. I've listened to a few of the coaching sessions and enjoyed them. I'm looking forward to unlocking new routines. There is kind of a break-out room feel to it.

You can learn more about Fabulous here*. I really do think it's worth checking out.

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