Forces and Motion Mind Map Directions, Guidelines and Rubric

A free Forces and Motion mind map resource for teachers.

Forces and Motion Mind Map Directions, Guidelines and Rubric
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Forces and Motion Mind Map Directions, Guidelines, and Rubric

This post is meant to be a quick share. There are four main science units I teach my 8th graders - Types of Energy, Properties of Matter, Forces and Motion and Waves, Light, and Sound. For each of these units, there is a unit-long anchor project that students work on throughout the course of the unit.

Here is the assignment description, guidelines, and rubric along with a YouTube video I put together. I'm in the video practice phase but I am still going to call myself a creator. I hope there is something here that you'll find useful. Feel free to edit/add to suit your needs.

Check out my video below for an explanation.

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