10 Creative Ways to Use Cardboard Boxes in the Classroom for Fun and Engaging Learning Experiences

Incorporating cardboard boxes into your lessons can be a fun and effective way to engage your students while promoting creativity, problem-solving, and imagination.
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The Many Benefits of STEM Education

STEM education offers benefits to students of all ages. It helps develop critical thinking skills, promotes creativity, and encourages teamwork. It also prepares students for the future and fosters lifelong learning.
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November 8th is National STEM Day | Use These 12 STEM Resources to Celebrate

STEM/STEAM activities help create future problem solvers. As a society, we're going to need them.
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Sphero Battle Bots Stem Challenge

In this STEM activity, students create a Sphero Battle Bot. The Sphero is the engine that drives the Battle Bot. Here are the directions, and the supplies that are needed to build the Battle Bots, and run the battle.
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End The Year With Engaging STEM Challenges - Free Mousetrap Cars and Paper Bridge Challenges For Teachers

Here are a few STEM/STEAM challenges I've used in the past that worked quite well. I'll include a PDF version and a Word version in case you'd like to change it to suit your needs. These activities provide an opportunity for students to grapple with and strengthen their growth mindset.
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Forces and Motion: Sphero Tractor Pull Investigation Part Two

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