#TeacherWins April 2022

Here are my #TeacherWins from April.

#TeacherWins April 2022
Photo by Nick Fewings / Unsplash

Here are my #TeacherWins for April. When you keep track like this, every month is a good month.

#TeacherWin 4/4/2022

Students were pretty interested in the photos by Dorothea Lange. It was a nice Engage activity to kick off our study of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl.

#TeacherWin 4/5/2022

It was a challenging day, but I made it. A student at homework help tonight was really productive. I also noticed a couple of 8th graders going out of their way to help a peer feel more comfortable.

#TeacherWin 4/06/2022

We had a class meeting to talk about 8th-grade promotion. Even though the school year is crazy busy from here on out, it is pretty cool watch students get ready to enter high school.

#TeacherWin 4/07/2022

The band kids are selling candy bars. They are good. How do I know? I ate one.

#TeacherWin 4/11/2022

I'm grateful to work at a school that will occasionally provide us with extra planning time. We were able to organize our WWII unit and class trip itinerary and begin organizing portfolio passage presentations.

#TeacherWin 4/12/2022

The parent group put a fantastic dinner spread out for teachers tonight. I'm a little full, but it sure was tasty.

#TeacherWin 4/13/2022

I'm grateful for tools like Google Classroom that help to keep my teacher life more organized.

#TeacherWin 4/18/2022

It was an in-service day today and they gave us the entire afternoon to take care of our own business. In the morning we planned for Better World Day and lunch was provided.

#TeacherWin 4/19/2022

I enjoyed the students who stepped up to lead a school-wide assembly with no prior notice. I wonder how many adults would do that?

#TeacherWin 4/20/2022

Students are handling the long testing mornings well. I also had a surprise homework help visitor.

#TeacherWin 4/21/2022

Rocket building day one was filled with energy, mistakes, and recovery.

#TeacherWin 4/22/2022

It was a high school transition day for my 8th graders. It's a gift to be able to watch current students get excited about their next step in education and to be able to connect with former students. It's one of the reasons I like teaching 8th grade.

#TeacherWin 4/25/2022 -

I just received the model rocket order I placed. I'm grateful that I have a science budget I can use to purchase supplies. I know this is not the case everywhere. - I worked the track meet tonight. It was cold and it lasted forever. It sure is cool to watch kids push themselves competitively. They were supportive of their teammates. My toes are still numb.

#TeacherWin 4/26/2022

State testing is really long for our 8th graders. They had long sessions today and their stamina held up well.

#TeacherWin 4/27/2022

Testing is over. Since we are building rockets science, we watched Apollo 13 together. The engagement level seemed high. It really is amazing that they were able to bring the astronauts home safely.

#TeacherWin 4/28/2022

The end of the school year is near. I'm very grateful that my daughter was in my homeroom. It's been a joy.

#TeacherWin 4/29/2022

They're bringing in a masseuse for teacher appreciation week. That's pretty cool. I was too slow in signing up. G0 figure.

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