#TeacherWins - May 2022

Here are my #TeacherWins for the month of May.

#TeacherWins - May 2022
Photo by Jana Shnipelson / Unsplash

#TeacherWins are my way of focusing on positivity and gratitude while navigating the ups and downs of teaching. Each day I try to record at least one "Win" and then at the end of the month I take a moment to review and share them. Here's my archive.

#TeacherWins 5/2/2022

It was the first day of teacher appreciation week. Two students gave me a little gift. The administration put out a nice spread in the workroom. I had a fantastic almond scone. There were a few unplanned brain breaks that occurred in afternoon classes. They were much needed and had a positive impact. Some students are really engaged in their rocket building.

#TeacherWin 5/3/2022

Received some apples for teacher appreciation week. They were packaged in a paper bag that looked like an apple.

#TeacherWin 5/4/2022

100 percent of rocket launch attempts were successful today.

#TeacherWin 5/5/2022

Took a paid time off day today and recharged my batteries. I was able to run some errands and take a magnificent bike ride down the Bearskin Trail. It's nice to have these days.

#TeacherWin 5/6/2022

Today was Better World Day. Spending a day providing service to others was wonderful. I'm grateful my school participates in this.

#TeacherWin 5/10/2022

There are some students who up their game at the end of their 8th-grade year. This always brings me joy. Their decision-making improves and new alliances are formed.

#TeacherWin 5/11/2022

One of my students did a great job presenting part of his digital portfolio to the school board tonight.

#TeacherWin 5/12/2022

8th graders went on their class trip to camp today. It was a crazy day of fun and a wicked turn in the weather. They made it fun for the most part. I'm tired now and need a nap.

#TeacherWin 5/13/2022

Friday the 13th...happy to have a professional development day. I'm thankful our administrator makes completing Teacher Effectiveness doable and provides this time to do so. They also provided some mighty fine pizza for lunch.

#TeacherWin 5/16/2022

It's been a blessing to teach in the same school my kids attend. It is an unanticipated benefit.

#TeacherWins 5/17/2022

The senior celebration was well done. It was good to talk with former students. I'm grateful to have an opportunity to reconnect.

#TeacherWin 5/18/2022

Finally launched the last model rocket. All attempted launches were successful this year.

#TeacherWin 5/19/2022

We kicked off the End of the Year Portfolio Passage Presentation process for the 8th graders. I'm grateful that portfolios are used across all grade levels at my school. The presentations are a highlight each year.

#TeacherWin 5/20/2022

We watched the Band of Brothers documentary episode today. I feel like the students really got a feeling for the sacrifices made by the soldiers. ย The men of EZ Company were amazing.

#TeacherWin 5/23/2022

My teaching teammate shared a timely video called "Perspectalces" with our 8th graders. It was just the right thing at the right time.

#TeacherWin 5/26/2022

On the final day of science instruction and I was grateful that most students were engaged. I needed that today.

#TeacherWin 5/31/2022

The rough draft of the promotion slideshow is finished. I'm grateful for the three 8th graders that helped put it together. #gratitude

What were your wins this last month?

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