Using Emojis in the Classroom - Teaching and Learning Resources

Tips and resources on how to use Emojis in the classroom.

Using Emojis in the Classroom - Teaching and Learning Resources
Photo by Domingo Alvarez E / Unsplash

World Emoji Day is on July 17. The calendar emoji was created on this date. Β It's a day to celebrate all emojis πŸ₯³!

What Emoji would you use to celebrate!

Here are teaching and learning resources for using emojis in the classroom.

  • 11 Ways to Use Emojis in Teaching - My favorite from this list is to use emojis when students give peer feedback.
  • 10 Ways to Use Emojis in Teaching - I love #5. Have students retell the most important parts of a text selection using only emojis. I also learned about Emoji Translate which looks interesting.
  • How to Use Emoji in the Classroom to Hook Your Students on Learning
  • Emojis for Mindfulness - Here is a great post by Christine de Guzman about teaching mindfulness of emotions with emojis ;)
  • Would you let students use emojis on writing assignments?
  • 15 Ways to Emoji-fy Your Teaching
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