Using Six Word Memoirs in the Classroom

Use Six-Word Memoirs to build community, analyze characters, and summarize concepts.

Using Six Word Memoirs in the Classroom
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Using Six Words to Solidify Learning

Can you describe your life in six words? Could you describe anything in just six words?

Larry Smith started the Six Word Memoir Project in 2006. Since then, the six-word format has been used in classrooms, churches, and Six-Word “slams” all over the globe. Learn more in the video below.

Here are some 6 Word Memoir resources you can use in a classroom setting.

  • Use 6-word Memoirs to build community and start class discussions. My favorite idea from this article is the “How well do you know your classmates?” game.
  • Here’s a resource right from the Six Word Memoir site. It’s called Six in School. You’ll find some cool examples of 6-word Memoirs in action.
  • Incorporate 6-word Memoirs into ELA with personal memoirs, character memoirs, research memoirs, and community memoirs.
  • Many people credit Ernest Hemingway for coming up with the 6-Word Memoir. This activity challenges students to interpret what they think his memoir was all about.
  • Explore five more ways to use 6-word Memoirs across the curriculum.

If you have any other great resources or ideas connected to 6-Word Resources, leave them in a comment at the bottom of the page.

Here are some Six-Word Memoirs from my students. I really like how it turned out.

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