24 Best Education Blogs You Should Follow

Supercharge your professional development with 24 of the best education blogs around.

24 Best Education Blogs You Should Follow
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I’ve been meaning to compile a list of my favorite education blogs for some time now. These are the blogs I visit often for information, inspiration, and resources. Each one is considered a valuable part of my professional and personal learning network. I'm certain you will find useful information and resources to apply to your teaching.

  • Why Edify - This is my professional and personal invention site. It’s always a work in progress. Topics include education, teaching, social studies, science, personal development, and wellness. I’m also proud of my weekly newsletter - T.G.I.F. Each week I send out education resources and articles, personal development tips, and a dose of inspiration. You can check out past issues and subscribe here.
  • Cult of Pedagogy - Jennifer Gonzalez runs this blog. She was a middle school language arts teacher for seven years. Topics include Instruction, Classroom Management, Technology, Equity, Learning Theory, Leadership, Professional Development, and Book Reviews.
  • Ditch That Textbook - Matt Miller runs this blog. Topics explored are digital escape rooms, Chromebooks, Remote Learning, Gamification, Google Classroom, and Google Slides. There are usually new tips and tricks posted weekly.
  • Dr. Catlin Tucker - Dr. Tucker was named Teacher of the Year in 2010 and taught for 16 years. Topics explored on her blog are Learning, Blended Learning, Technology in the Classroom, Online Learning, Teaching Resources, and UDL.
  • Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day - Larry Ferlazzo teaches English and Social Studies classes to English Language Learners and mainstream students. He is a machine. He consistently posts a variety of education and teaching-related resources.
  • Allie Kohn - Is a writer and public speaker. He explores topics such as human behavior, education, and parenting. I visit his site when I want to be stretched philosophically. His writing is thought-provoking.
  • Shake Up Learning - Kasey Bell operates this educational blog. She is a former middle school teacher who became a digital learning coach and public speaker. She has a nice mix of resources and tips for teachers.
  • Infused Classroom- Holly Clark is an educator of 20 years. Topics include Chromebooks, Google Ideas, Microsoft Edu, Blended Learning, and Learning Superpowers.
  • Control Alt Achieve - Erics Curt shares information and resources centered around educational technology resources, ideas, help guides, and training videos, with a focus on Google Apps for Education.
  • Jake Miller - This blog is a solid technology resource. Some of my favorite resources revolve around Google Apps and Chromebook features.
  • Teacher Tech - Alice Keeler is a teacher, Google Certified Educator, Author, Developer, and Ed Tech Coach. This site contains great technology tips, especially for use with Google Apps and Google Classroom.
  • Innovating Play - Christina Pinto and Jessica Twomey are kindergarten teachers and authors. Their blog offers resources geared toward Early Childhood Education and reimagining learning through meaningful tech integration.
  • The Answer Sheet - is found in the Washington Post. Each post is authored by Valerie Strauss. Articles here cover topics connected with educational perspective and analysis.
  • Cool Cat Teacher - Vicki Davis focuses on cool classrooms, cool apps and technology, and cool teaching tips - hence the name Cool Cat Teacher.
  • EdSurge - You’ll find education commentary and analysis, a weekly podcast, and information about educational technology tools.
  • Edutopia - Was founded by George Lucas in 1991. This site has great resources for all aspects of education. This is a great place to learn about researched based best educational practices.
  • Pernille Ripp - Writes about literacy and technology education. She is also a public speaker and author. Her blog is called Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension.
  • Sylvia Duckworth - This is the site to visit for all things Sketchnoting.
  • Teach Thought - The mission of this site is to innovate education through the growth of innovative teachers. Topics include thought leadership, professional development, resource curation, and curriculum development.
  • The Daring Librarian - Gwyneth Jones has been a Teacher Librarian for 30 years. Middle school was her preferred level. This site is full of teaching tips with a heavy technology infusion.
  • The Edvocate - The purpose of this site is to argue for shifts in education policy and organization in order to enhance the quality of education for students. They advocate for education reform, equity, and innovation.
  • Truth for Teachers - Angela Watson is the founder of this site. She’s created a collection of articles, podcasts, and curriculum resources designed to help educators find their purpose and cultivate their awareness. You’ll find articles and resources about classroom management, education trends, equity, mindsets, teaching tips, and more.
  • Educational Technology and Mobile Learning - This blog is owned by Med Kharbach. You’ll find a wide ride of educational technology resources and app recommendations.
  • Free Technology for Teachers - Richard Byrne maintains this site. He’s a high school computer science teacher in Maine. You’ll find innovative ways to infuse technology into your teaching.
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