7 Canva Resources to Help Teachers Unleash Their Creativity

Get creative in and out of the classroom with Canva.

7 Canva Resources to Help Teachers Unleash Their Creativity
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I made this with Canva*. It's easy and fun.

I recently started using Canva* and I love it. Canva seems to have unlimited options to showcase design and creativity.  So far I've used it to create custom images, a blog banner, and Instagram posts.

Here's My Canva Summer To-Do List

  • Make a few cool Google Classroom banners for next year - one for science, social studies, and crew (homeroom).
  • Design a few badges for my extension groups.
  • Upgrade a few science investigations for use with Kami.
  • Make anchor chart posters for classroom norms, independent work expectations, and collaborative work expectations.

Here are a few resources I've used to get me started. You might find some of them useful.

  1. These teacher resources come directly from Canva. This would be a good place to start.
  2. Use Canva to design lesson plan templates.
  3. Check out this Canva review from Common Sense Education. You can see what other teachers think.
  4. Here are some Canva for Education End of the Year Templates.
  5. The Edublogger - Canva in the Classroom: Getting Started, Example Designs, and Tips. This is an extensive resource.
  6. 13 Ways to Use Canva in Your Classroom - I like the badge templates.
  7. Learn how to use Canva Education with Google Classroom

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