Goal Update August 2022

At the end of each month, I review my progress toward my goals. Here are the results or lack thereof for the month of August, 2022

Goal Update August 2022
Photo by Ante Hamersmit / Unsplash

Hello friends.

Here are the results or lack thereof from July 2022.

Wellness / Happiness

Complete at least 720 minutes of exercise or higher per month.

  • I logged 1,285 exercise minutes in August with an average of 41 minutes per day - 10 cycling sessions, 10 walking sessions, 3 other sessions (usually mowing the lawn, 1 hike, and only 1 run.
  • I also went on a family hiking trip to the Porcupine Mountains. I didn't take my Apply Watch so those activities won't be logged here. We hiked a total of four days in a row. I felt better than I have on this hike in the past.
  • The Peninsula Challenge is coming up quickly. I've been slowly building up my mileage. Today was my longest ride so far at 52 miles. Most of me felt pretty good except for my behind.
Gearing up for the ride.

4 full-body strength training sessions per month.

  • Only three sessions were registered this month.

4 yoga sessions per month.

  • I had one legitimate yoga session at our staff retreat and loved it. I also felt fantastic after. I've done a few other short sessions, but for recording purposes, I'm going to put it down as 2 sessions.

Log at least 120 mindful minutes each month. This can be a combination of Apple Fitness + meditations, Journaling (DayOne), and the Calm app.

  • Between my Holosync sessions and journalling, this goal was met. I'm still having a hard time fitting the Calm app into my routine.

Move closer to a Mediterranean style of eating.

  • Some progress was made towards the end of the month. I tried my pants on, and as usual for summer's end, they were a little snug. They still fit, just not as comfortably as I like.

Complete at least 30 journal entries per month using the Dayone app.

  • I journaled 29 times this month. Missed it by one.

Education / Teaching Career

Record my #TeacherWins at least 4 out of five teaching days (80%)

  • This just started at the end of August for me. I had only three days with students and recorded a #TeacherWin each day.

Write and share at least two Teacher Pep Talks per month.

  • This fizzled. I'm retiring this goal and focusing energy elsewhere.

Read at least two education/teaching books this year and write a book summary blog post on each.

Share at least four education resource posts per month

Done. Here are some of my posts from this month.

Add at least 12 new resources to my subscriber database.

  • Done. It's becoming a pretty solid resource.

Personal Development

Read four personal development books per year and write a book summary blog post on each.

I'm halfway there. Here is my book summary page.

Record "Homework for Life" at least five days per week.

  • Done. I've been enjoying adding pictures with a caption.

Write at least 12 blog posts sharing what I learned from watching a video or listening to a podcast (Yearly).

  • This is a funny goal. Each week I share resources in the newsletter, and I reflect on what I learned. This goal has been met and then some.

Family and Friends

Connect with my close family at least once per week.

  • Done.

Connect with a friend at least once per week - lunch, phone, exercise, pub, etc.

  • This was easy in the summer since I paint with some of my best friends. I did reconnect with my friend Rich from college and had a nice time catching up at Cafe Sonder.

Dreams, Retirement, and Money Stuff

Learn about Twitter and be useful in that space. Follow five interesting people and grow my following by five people. This is the only goal I am not in complete control of. We'll see what happens.

  • Done. I appreciate Twitter for the infinite resources and have settled into a consuming and posting flow. I've grown by a few followers, but have let go of that part of the goal. Here is my profile page.

Take a picture of each house I paint and post it to Instagram and Twitter. Invest at least three hundred dollars of painting income (Summertime Painting Goal) into my Robinhood account.

  • I blew this one. I've entered information on the paint jobs we've completed in my journal minus the photos. I'm retiring this goal.

Publish at least two newsletters per month

  • Done. I haven't missed a week since I started this site. Here are the archives.

Create at least two YouTube videos per month - step out of your comfort zone

  • I did not meet this goal. Not even close.

Learn more about cryptocurrency. Document my progress.

  • This is in a holding pattern. I am tracking my investments, and am glad I didn't invest very much money at this point.

Purchase a camper and take at least three family vacations.

  • This goal is on hold. I hope it will happen in the future. I am grateful to have kids that want to be involved in sports and other activities. I'm not sure when we would have enough time to get our money's worth at the moment.

Reflect on these goals and share once per month.

  • Done

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