Goals for 2023

A public declaration of goals for the year 2023.

Goals for 2023
Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya / Unsplash

This will be my second year sharing my goals and progress publicly. I was apprehensive to do this at first, but ending up appreciating how this process kept me focused and accountable.

I might add to, adjust, or remove goals throughout the year. I think it's important to be able to pivot when it makes sense to do so. This happened with a few of my goals from last year.

In January I start my goal outline. You'll notice the most additions and adjustments during this time.

Wellness / Happiness

Here's a rundown of my home workout space. It's evolved quite nicely.

Complete at least 720 minutes of exercise or more each month.

Weigh in under 200 pounds and stay there.

Complete at least 30 journal entries per month using both a paper journal and Day One App.

Embrace a Mediterranean / Dash Diet.

Education / Teaching Career

Read at least two education/teaching books this year and write a book summary blog post on each.

Share at least four education resources per month.

Add at least 12 new resources to my subscriber database.

Personal Development

Read two personal development books per year and write a book summary blog post on each.

Complete at least three "thirty-day challenges" in 2023.

Write in a paper journal at least three days per week.

Dreams, Retirement, and Money Stuff

Publish at least two newsletters per month.

Create at least two YouTube videos per month - step out of your comfort zone.

Share at least two personal finance resources per month and apply what I learn.

Share something useful on Twitter at least 25 times per month.

Reflect Monthly

Reflect on these goals and share each month.

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