How Can EduProtocols Be Used to Engage Students and Save Teachers Time

Explore how EduProtocols can be used to increase student engagement and achievement.

How Can EduProtocols Be Used to Engage Students and Save Teachers Time
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I recently asked this question to my Twitter learning network, "Teachers, what systems do you have in place that make your life easier and more efficient at school?"

One of the responses simply said, "EduProtocols".

I've heard of EduProtocols before and thought I would dig deeper.  Here's what I found. I hope you find these resources useful. If so, share them with your colleagues.

EduProtocols are instructional lesson frames designed to engage students in learning through critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. [source]

EduProtocol Resources



The Fast and the Curious EduProtocol
Iron Chef EduProtocol
Thin Slide EduProtocol
Cyber Sandwich EduProtocol
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