Using Wakelet in the Classroom - Teaching and Learning Resources

Explore how to use Wakelet in your classroom.

Using Wakelet in the Classroom - Teaching and Learning Resources
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

I'm currently participating in Wakelet Community Week. I started using Wakelet at the beginning of the pandemic and last year my students used it to keep a digital portfolio. It's a wonderful digital curation tool, and it can do so much more.

Here are some resources to get you started.

  • I'd start by checking out the Wakelet YouTube channel. You can choose your own adventure based on interest.
  • 20 Ways to Use Wakelet in Your Class
  • Here is a place for educators to get started on the Wakelet site.
  • Learn how to use Wakelet in the classroom.
  • 4 More Ways to Use Wakelet in Your Classroom
  • Explore how to collaborate with Wakelet in middle and high school.
  • Here are 19 ways to use Wakelet Spaces in your school or class.
  • If you are a Canva user this article teaches you how the two services can work together.

I hope you found something in the resources above that is useful to you. There are also many ways to use Wakelet out of the classroom as well. It's a great all-around digital curation tool.

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