Goal Update October 2023

Here are the results or lack thereof from October 2023.

Goal Update October 2023
Photo by Ben Sweet / Unsplash

Hello friends.

Here are the results or lack thereof from October 2023.

Wellness / Happiness

Here's a rundown of my home workout space.

Complete at least 720 minutes of exercise or more each month.

  • I logged 1,035 exercise minutes in October. My weightlifting habit has improved with 17 sessions. I cycled 9 times and went on two walks.

Weigh in under 200 pounds and stay there.

  • Finally stepped on the school when I went to the doctor. I had no choice. I'll just say that there is work to be done with this goal.

Complete at least 30 journal entries monthly using a paper journal and Day One App.

  • 36 journal entries this month.

Embrace a Mediterranean / Dash Diet.

  • This month was a struggle. The Halloween candy kept calling my name.

Education / Teaching Career

Read at least two education/teaching books this year and write a book summary blog post on each.

  • I still need to write my book summary for the Eduprotocols Field Guide to complete this goal. The Iron Chef and Fast and the Curious Eduprotocols are keepers.

Share at least four education resources per month.

Here are the resources I put together last month. It was a big month.

Add at least 12 new resources to my subscriber database.

  • Done. I am looking into moving my database from Airtable to Notion simply because I use Notion so much. It will end up saving me time.

Personal Development

Read two personal development books annually and write a book summary blog post on each.

  • I'm still reading The Practice: Shipping Creative Work by Seth Godin.

Complete at least three "thirty-day challenges" in 2023.

  • This is complete.

Write in a paper journal at least three days per week.

  • I've retired this goal, but starting a commonplace diary may revive my paper efforts.

Dreams, Retirement, and Money Stuff

Publish at least two newsletters per month.

  • The streak is alive. Here is TGIF Teacher Newsletter Archive. I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences at the end of the month when attending the EL Education National Conference in Denver, CO.

Create at least two YouTube videos per month - step out of your comfort zone.

  • I met this goal. I've been creating more Shorts as I gear up for the upcoming conference I'm attending. I've also started to record more directions for my students.

Share at least two personal finance resources per month and apply what I learn.

  • This goal has been retired.

Share something useful on Twitter (I'll have to change this to X) at least 25 times per month.

  • I'm sharing something daily. It's become a habit. I'm hopeful this will help connect me with people who will check out my weekly newsletter. I've been sharing snippets of the newsletter each week.

Reflect Monthly

Reflect on these goals and share each month.

  • Done