Junk Life

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Junk Life
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Hello Friends,

Here are some things worth sharing this week.

  1. The biggest news is that I just started this site. Here is my first post which describes some of the reasons I'm heading out on this adventure. Thanks to Austin Kleon and Ali Abdaal I've decided to start "Showing My Work". I highly recommend this book. It was a quick read and contains compelling reasons for putting yourself out there.
  2. Schools are powerful community hubs. This is a great story of a high school football team and coach teaching a valuable lesson and serving the community.
  3. The Quote of the Week comes from the song "Junk Life" by Brett Dennen and Matt Nathanson. I shared the song with my two daughters because I like the message so much.
Don't succumb to the junk life
Junk friends, junk food, junk love
Junk information
Don't succumb to the junk life
Hold yourself to the higher vibration
Hold yourself to the higher vibration

4.  If you check out the About page you know that I've been an 8th-grade science and social studies teacher for 22 years. I just started working on a new, year-long "learning expedition" where students will examine history through the lens of courage and fear. Currently, I'm brainstorming guiding questions. If you have any suggestions and/or ideas send them my way on Twitter - you can find me here.

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6.  And finally a question...

Should lessons be taught even if they make the learner uncomfortable?

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