Regain Your Mojo

Topics for this week include the power of routines, teacher support strategies, and regaining your mojo.

Regain Your Mojo
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It's official. I'm out of my comfort zone.

I've been experimenting with Canva, and learning how to create Reels and post them to my Instagram Story. I've even made some YouTube Shorts. Here’s my favorite creation so far. I'm doing all of this to build my ELfluencer skills. I've even confessed to my coworkers. My main job as an ELFluencer will be to share information about the ELeducation National Conference while I’m attending it.

I have worked at an EL Education school for the majority of my 24+ years of teaching, and I consider myself fortunate. It is a perfect fit for me, as I have the opportunity to develop new skills by sharing something that I believe is beneficial for both teachers and students. Here are some ways you can follow along with me on this journey.

Teachers are like magicians, using their magic to create the most engaging classroom environment possible. It makes me wonder how much we could learn from one another if we were able to slow down, take time to share our knowledge and experiences, and then have additional time to plan and incorporate new ideas and resources.

There never seems to be enough time in the day.

But somehow, you all manage to make it work, and that's why you are awesome! Thank you for taking the time to read this week's newsletter, and thank you for all that you do in your schools and community.

Have a great weekend!

In today’s newsletter…

  • Power of Routines: Implement routines for student success.
  • Support Strategies: Improve support for educators through reduced burdens and ongoing professional development.
  • American Exchange Project: Bridging divides through a student exchange program.
  • Sage Advice - This is what the experts would say.

The News

Here are some articles and resources that grabbed my attention.

  • Power of Routines - Fostering a collaborative culture in your classroom takes time and effort. This time and effort will be well spent. By implementing these tips, you can create a supportive environment where students thrive, develop essential skills, and achieve higher levels of academic success. Building a collaborative culture not only enhances student learning but also fosters teamwork and critical thinking, preparing students for success in their future endeavors.
  • Support Strategies - In 2023, teaching and leading have become increasingly challenging. Principals are working approximately 56 hours a week, and teachers are leaving the profession due to heavy workloads and low salaries. There are ways to improve support for teachers and principals. Here are ten of them. “By reducing unnecessary burdens, providing ongoing professional development, and fostering a collaborative and supportive environment, stakeholders can help educators thrive in their roles and contribute to positive educational outcomes.”
  • American Exchange Project - A unique student exchange program in the United States is bringing together high school graduates from different backgrounds to bridge the political and cultural divide. The American Exchange Project, founded by David McCullough III, offers students the opportunity to experience a brand-new culture within their own country. Through this program, students have the chance to challenge their preconceived notions, build connections, and gain a deeper understanding of different perspectives.
  • Halloween Resource - 13 Halloween Ideas for Kids Using Chromebooks - You’ll find activities such as writing scary stories, creating pictures, measuring pumpkins, filming spooky story videos, and more.
  • Social Media - This made me laugh🤣. Although it’s about teaching math, I’m pretty sure it applies to all of the other subjects as well.
STRONG Teacher Toolkit
Here are some of my favorite resources, ideas, tools, services, and miscellaneous gadgets and goodies that keep me STRONG in both my personal and professional life.

Ideas, resources, tools, and free downloads to make your teaching life easier and more enjoyable.


Personal Development and Wellness Resources

  • You’re Not Alone - In his book *Unwinding Anxiety(ad), psychiatrist Judson Brewer explains how anxiety hides in our habits and offers a three-step process to address it. By mapping out anxiety habits, working with our brain's reward system, and creating new habits, we can break the cycle of anxiety and find relief. Stay curious and be mindful.
  • Sage Advice - What sage advice would professional coaches, therapists, relationship experts, and writers give you? They would tell you there is more than one way to do something. They would also say, "It's not all about you." My favorite piece of advice is, "When people show you who they are, believe them." You'll find more advice in this NPR article.
  • Regain Your Mojo - Languishing is a state of feeling stagnant, empty, or stuck. During times of languishing, you can regain your zest for life by adopting a Stoic attitude, accepting situations beyond your control, connecting with others through acts of kindness, and challenging yourself with new experiences. By understanding the nature of languishing, connecting with your desires and goals, and embracing small victories and moments of flow, you can reclaim your motivation and find meaning and happiness in your daily life.
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"What is the unique mojo that I bring, and how can I try and amplify that?’ Amplify your strengths rather than fix your weaknesses." —Timothy Ferriss - Tools of Titans (*ad)

Teacher Commuter Playlist - Got My Mojo Workin' by Muddy Waters

Favorite Things

  • Dictionary - Now I can finally understand my students when they are using words like rizz, bussin’, and zhuzh.
  • Good News - Despite a teacher shortage, students at Pocahontas County High School in West Virginia have taken on the responsibility of teaching and directing themselves in the school band. With the support of the principal and two teachers as advisors, the students have come together to keep the band going, showcasing their determination, teamwork, and love for music.
  • Canva - I have been starting to use Canva more this year. It's amazing. I used it to create the image at the top of this newsletter and and El Education images below. Here are some resources I put together in case you'd like to check it out.

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