T.G.I.F. Teacher Newsletter | Burn Out Syndrome and Teaching in America

T.G.I.F. Teacher is a weekly newsletter featuring educational news, and teaching, personal development, and professional learning resources. Topics for this week include Burn Out Syndrome, Teaching in America, and More.

T.G.I.F. Teacher Newsletter | Burn Out Syndrome and Teaching in America
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Happy Friday!


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Hello Friends and T.G.I.F.

This week our students completed reading and math MAPS testing. The tests were long, but I really enjoyed watching their reaction when they realized they just "rocked it" and registered serious growth. It's this time of the year that students start to see evidence that their hard work is paying off.

I also introduced a Thirty Day Challenge to my Crew (homeroom). Maybe you'd like to join us.

Happy Friday - Have a great weekend! 😄

Here are some things I thought were worth sharing this week.

The News

Here are some articles that grabbed my attention.

  • Burn Out - It’s been established that teacher well-being is at a low point. The same factors that affect teachers also impact school leaders. In order for schools to be high functioning they need teachers and administrators to be at their best. If there is no change to the status quo in education, teachers and administrators will continue to suffer from “burn-out” syndrome. Self-care and wellness are essential, but alone they are not enough. What kind of systemic changes would help to create a more enjoyable experience for those that work in schools?
  • Teaching In America - This is an interesting story of Rose Jean Obreque, a teacher from the Philippines, and her experience teaching in Bullhead City, Arizona. Her experience mirrors what many new teachers find when they enter the classroom. The article ends with, “She looked around the room and found no raised hands, no answers, nothing at all to quiet her own rising doubt, so she attempted the question again. “Isn’t America supposed to be a model for the world ?” she asked.”
  • Work Completion - I avoid assigning homework as much as possible, and there are good reasons for doing so. First off, I don’t think teachers give up on students as the article implies. A majority of teachers are doing the best they can to help all students succeed. The same factors that make homework challenging for some students also spill over into school work during the regular school day. I suspect that there are societal variables that could be improved for students and families that would increase overall school performance.
  • Self-Regulation - Researchers from Germany and Switzerland explored simpler ways to integrate self-regulation skills into the curriculum. Teaching young students how to self-regulate was shown to improve their performance on reading tests, increase reading ability, and help them identify careless mistakes.
  • Resource - Explore how EduProtocols can increase student engagement and achievement.


Personal Development and Wellness Resources

  • Food - What you eat can affect your mood. Seven foods that make you happy are dark chocolate, bananas, coconut, coffee, avocado, berries, and fermented foods.
  • Calm Down - Calm people have similar habits. Some of those habits include daily movement, spending time in nature, and not giving a rip about what other people think.
  • The Brain - The brain undergoes a rewiring after the age of 40. As we age it starts to reorganize itself due to “aging hardware”. It becomes less efficient. A good diet, healthy lifestyle, and regular exercise can put some of these changes on hold.
Turkey wasn't on the list, but it makes me happy.
Build Your Personal Greatness*


Here is a quote I’ve been revisiting this week:

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” - Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead*
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Favorite Things

  • 🦃 Vacation - Time with family and friends is priceless. This has been one of my favorite perks as a teacher. We have two days of school next week and then some much needed time off.
  • 🗞 Article - Neuroscientists unravel the mystery of why you can’t tickle yourself.
  • 🥇Rank a Day - Find something new to rank every day.
  • 🔧 Gadget - Newtons Cradle Balance Balls* Science Physics Gadget - I have two of these in my classroom. Kids love them. I use them with physical science classes, but they are also great at generating all around interest and curiosity.

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