Overdressed or Over Educated

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Overdressed or Over Educated
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Happy Friday

Hello Friends,

Here are some things worth sharing this week.

  1. It's Black History Month. Here are some resources I compiled that may be useful in lesson planning or if you simply want to learn more.
  2. News flash, I have a morning coffee habit. If you do too, here is some good news. Coffee in moderation has many protective benefits. Now, moderation, that's another story.
  3. I started writing a book report. I'm almost finished. Looking back at my highlights, and then recording my thoughts has helped me in my processing. I'll share it in an upcoming post.
  4. Here's an article about Feedback vs. Grades. It seems that it's harder to motivate students to complete their work lately and care about the quality. After all of these years, I am still searching for the right levers to pull.
  5. The Twitter conversation below is for anyone thinking about writing more in public.

6. The Quote of the Week is by Oscar Wilde*.

“You can never be overdressed or over educated.”

And finally a question...

What's the best way to motivate students to complete their work?

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